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Best Buy releases iOS controller app for Rocketboost-enabled devices

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Best Buy has released Rocketboost Control app for iOS devices, letting users stream audio between compatible products.

Rocketboost Controller app
Rocketboost Controller app

iOS faithful who've also bought into Best Buy's Rocketboost wireless audio streaming technology (available on select Rocketfish speakers and Insignia's Connected TV) can now take charge of where and how they hear tunes through the recently released Rocketboost Control app. The mega retailer seems poised to enter Sonos and AirPlay territory with the added functionality, though things aren't exactly seamless. You'll need to purchase a Wireless Sender USB attachment and connect said device to your PC whenever the urge to share your library with compatible products arises.

With the requisite Windows-only software installed and the iOS app downloaded, audio can be delivered to any Rocketboost-enabled speakers on your wireless network. Further, Best Buy boasts of "uncompressed HD-quality audio," so those with Apple Lossless files needn't fret about dealing with a drop in quality. Rocketboost Control is available now in the iTunes App Store as a universal app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Unfortunately, Best Buy hasn't made any mention of plans for an Android version.