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Canon 5D Mark III spotted on safari in Kenya?

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On a shoot in Kenya, photographer Stephen Oachs spotted what may be the Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 5D Mark III

When you're looking for the latest and greatest pro camera equipment, African safaris are apparently a good place to start: photographer Stephen Oachs ran into a Canon employee in Kenya that was shooting with a DSLR that we've never seen before, along with a couple of new lenses. The photos Oachs surreptitiously snapped of the camera don't reveal much, but they hint at what could be the new EOS 5D Mark III. The mysterious DSLR takes on some of the 7D's looks and controls, and appears to have a larger LCD than the 7D or the 5D Mark II, with aspect ratio more like 16:9 than 4:3. Its "Q" button resides on the right side of the display (it's on the left on the 7D), there's a new joystick on the removable battery grip, and we're also seeing a new "Rate" button on the left side. We can't be sure of what camera this is, but the 5D Mark III seems like the most compelling option: with no pop-up flash it likely isn't a 7D replacement, and the lack of an articulating display rules out the 60D as well. There are plenty of oddities in the photo — he's using a grip but not its shutter button, and taped-over logo always makes us cringe — but it still looks like evidence that we might be seeing a new 5D in the next few months.