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PS3 games streaming to PS Vita via hacked Remote Play software

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An exploit in PS3 firmware version 3.55 has allowed for streaming of PS3 games to the PS Vita. The hack has been demonstrated on YouTube with games such as Battlefield 3.

vita remote play
vita remote play

Before the PlayStation Vita launched in Japan last month, we were under the impression that the Remote Play feature would be up and running with all PS3 games. That turned out not to be the case, with the Vita only able to stream the small list of games that already had the feature built in for Remote Play on PSP. Jailbreakers are working to get it up and running with the PS3's software library, though, and there's been a breakthrough in a hacked version of firmware 3.55.

Videos posted on YouTube show games like Battlefield 3 and Batman: Arkham City being played on the handheld with a fair bit of input lag, though perhaps not significantly more than native Remote Play usually involves. Chances are that Sony will stamp this out in one of its already-frequent firmware updates for Vita, but hopefully the feature will find official support in the future — after all, the company itself showed off Killzone 3 streaming to the Vita at last year's Tokyo Game Show.