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HP Envy 15 screens display orange where red should be

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The HP Envy 15's Radiance Display may not have the color gamut we'd hoped for. Owners are complaining that the laptop screen doesn't properly display red or violet, and that seems to be the case in our review unit, too.

Gallery Photo: HP Envy 15 red / orange screen color comparison pictures
Gallery Photo: HP Envy 15 red / orange screen color comparison pictures

If you're completely satisfied with your HP Envy 15, you might want to stop reading now. There seems to be a problem with some of the 1080p Radiance Display screens, and we're afraid it's one of those things you may not be able to unsee once you know the truth. Okay, here's the news: certain screens don't seem to be able to properly reproduce red and violet colors. There's a lengthy forum thread over at Notebook Review discussing the issue, and we've also confirmed it on our review unit (see pictures below). Some users also claim they received notebooks with excessive keyboard flex and dented USB ports, but it's the red / orange issue that has the most Envy 15 owners up in arms.

Needless to say, the lack of red is kind of a big deal if you're hoping to view or edit multimedia with proper color fidelity on the notebook, though it's not necessarily a deal-breaker. After all, we used the machine for a solid week and didn't consciously notice the issue until we were specifically told. We're also reading scattered reports from users who claim their screens don't suffer from the problem at all. On our screen, reds display as darker shades of orange and violets as darker blue, and while both are passable, we imagine those users who paid a $150 premium for the screen expect more. We reached out to HP about the matter, and the company says that it's investigating:

We are looking into this. We’ll get back to our customers because we’re committed to earning their satisfaction.

That's a fairly promising reply, as these things go. Oh, by the way: we just had a look at our old Envy 14's Radiance Display, and it also seems to have rather reds that look rather orange. Perhaps there's a deeper-seated technology issue? We'll let you know what we hear.

Update: HP says the Radiance Display is "functioning properly" just the way it is.

Thanks, Siddharth, Miguel, and Charles!