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NFC airport check-in and other uses demonstrated by Orange and SITA

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A proof-of-concept from SITA and Orange has demonstrated the possible use scenarios for NFC in the airport, including wireless check-in. The technology will allow for boarding pass and passenger information to be written to SIM cards.

sita orange nfc
sita orange nfc

No-one likes airports, but NFC technology could go some way to reducing the stress a little. That's the possibility raised by a proof of concept from Orange Business Services and air transport research lab SITA, who have demonstrated how integrating NFC into mobile SIM cards may get you through the airport more smoothly. The idea centers around storing boarding pass information on the SIM card, meaning that you'd be able to check in, open security gates, or get easy access to airport lounges by simply waving your phone over a reader rather than searching for the papers in your bag or the QR code in an app. Because the data is written directly to the SIM card, it'll work even if the phone is powered off. SITA is owned by the aviation industry, so there's a good chance that anything we see developed in its labs will eventually be deployed at the airports it helps manage. It won't speed up baggage claim or help you avoid pat-downs from surly TSA officers, but it's a start.