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SiriToggles brings voice-activated app launching and settings toggles to your jailbroken iPhone 4S

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SiriToggles tweak released through Cydia enables voice-activated app launching, settings toggles and battery reporting on jailbroken iPhone4S


Since the Absinthe jailbreak tool was launched last Friday, developers have released a pair of tweaks for the newly exploited iPhone 4S, specifically targeting its exclusive Siri feature. While VoiceUtils provides some base functionality, our favorite is SiriToggles, which allowed us to launch applications, toggle a few system settings, and check how much battery we have remaining.

There's no front-end to SiriToggles, it works within the boundaries of Apple's existing UX, activated by a long-press on the home button. A simple "launch Netflix" command will launch the relevant app, but SiriToggles also responds to non-linear commands, for example, you can ask "Siri, please set the brightness to 50%," or "turn off my Wi-Fi," and Siri will respond appropriately. We tested it with a number of different phrases, and it responded well, only failing to execute a command when Siri inevitably misheard us.


We'd like to see the developer add some error-correction to expand on Siri's voice-recognition capabilities, perhaps looking for phrases similar to those that trigger actions. Even so, the tweak has only been around for a few days now, and is currently on version 0.0.2, so we expect to see more functionality and refinement added in time. For now, the developer Hamza Sood has set a goal of multiple language support for the next update. SiriToggles is available for the iPhone 4S only as a free download from the Cydia Store.