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Nokia guilty of sending spam texts in Australia, agrees to pay $57,000 fine

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Nokia have admitted guilt and agreed to a $57000 fine after an investigation by the AMCA into their SMS marketing in Australia.

Nokia Spam
Nokia Spam

The ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) announced today that Nokia will pay a AUD$55,000 (about $57,000) fine, after the company was found in breach of the Spam Act 2003. The manufacturer admitted guilt after being accused of sending SMS marketing in the form of "tips" to its customers, with no option to unsubscribe.

After receiving complaints about Nokia's marketing tactics, the AMCA investigated the case, and concluded that whilst a number of the messages sent contained factual information about the users handsets, some of them were promoting accessories, products and services. On top of paying the fine, Nokia will train its SMS marketing team in Australian spam law, and has agreed to an independent audit of its systems and processes.

Reuters reports that Nokia is discontinuing the service in Australia, and "ramping it down" around the world, which is good news indeed.