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Boxee Live TV dongle released, along with version 1.5 software for Boxee Box

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Boxee has released its $49 Live TV dongle, which streams over-the-air television, as well as a software update for its set-top box.

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Boxee has just released its Live TV dongle, which picks up over-the-air TV broadcasts and plays them through a Boxee Box. Starting today, owners of set-top boxes will also be able to update to version 1.5 of Boxee's software, which includes some UI tweaks and browser support for HTML5. This update, which was available to PC users last month, will be rolling out to Boxee Boxes over the next 72 hours.

The Live TV dongle, which works only with set-top boxes, costs $49. Back at CES, we were pleased with the features it offered, although its value is heavily dependent on your local TV offerings. Live TV will also integrate with Facebook's Open Graph, so you don't need to worry about anybody questioning your allegiance to network television.