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Skitch and Evernote Dolphin Browser HD add-ons released for Android

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Evernote has released a Skitch extension for Dolphin Browser HD that lets you easy markup and share screenshots of webpages straight from the browser. The add-on is separate from the already-released Skitch app for Android. In addition, the company has released an Evernote add-on for Dolphin browser.

Evernote Skitch Add-on (1020)
Evernote Skitch Add-on (1020)

Skitch for Android is nothing new — a dedicated app for the service came out long ago. What is new is that Evernote has released a Dolphin Browser HD extension for the image markup and sharing tool. Unlike the standalone app, the add-on lets you quickly point out things from the browser without a lengthy workaround. Before the add-on you had to take a screenshot of your browser and then open it up in the Skitch app from your gallery of images. Unfortunately, we had some problems getting the Skitch app and extension to work on our Android 4.0-powered Galaxy Nexus, though it was pretty simple to mark up a webpage on an Evo 3D we had nearby.

In addition to the Skitch add-on, there's a new Evernote extension for the Dolphin browser as well. Like the company's other browser extensions, it lets you highlight a selection on a webpage and save it to your Evernote account. Both add-ons are available now in the Android Market.