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Method of Action's Color game tests your color wheel reflexes

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Color by Method of Action is a game that will test your knowledge of the entire color wheel.

Color test
Color test

Think you've got a good eye for color? We did too until we gave the Color matching game over at Method of Action a try. Things start out rather easily, as your first task is to mirror the displayed color by locating its position on the color wheel with your mouse or trackpad. Before long though, you'll be picking out complementary, analogous, ternary, and even quaternary combinations. Without a background in design, we managed an 8.9 on our first go-through; the game offers some leniency to account for variances in display output. There's also a colorblind-friendly version of the utility that intuitively uses shapes as a substitute for primary colors and morphs their appearance as you move along the wheel.

The Color tool was created by Maria Munuera and Mark MacKay as part of their upcoming peer-to-peer education course. Method of Action will cover three subjects — design, entrepreneurship, and gardening — when it launches this spring. Each topic will span 50 "missions", a variety of tasks which will be judged by more experienced community members. With each passing grade, users will be able to access additional missions, eventually reaching a level of expertise that will see them reviewing work themselves. If typography is more your game, don't forget about KernType, another of the duo's addicting games.