Ice Cream Sandwich tips & tricks


Hey I thought this would be a fun and beneficial exercise (besides I'm tired of all the "my OS is better than yours" and "why my phone rocks while yours sucks posts".

Each person posts a single tip, trip, or shortcut about Ice Cream Sandwich no matter how basic it is. You may think that everyone knows all the tricks and shortcuts in Android but you will be surprised.

The point of this is to provide insight for others who may not know what you know.

I'll start:

ICS software back button vs in app back button.

Some people aren't aware of this, or just confused by the difference in function of the two buttons.

In app back button

  • This is basically a home button for the app. It takes you between the different layers of the app. Here's an example using Google music. Select a playlist or album and play any song in that playlist/album. You should now be on the now playing screen. Pressing the in-app back button here will take you to the playlist or album that the song resides in, and pressing it once again takes you back to the main screen of the app.
  • Another example using Google music: Search for the name of an album using the search button. Open the album to view the songs in that album. If you click the in-app back button, you will be taken back to the main screen of the music app.
ICS Software Back Button (Using examples above)
  • In the first example, pressing the software back button will do the same thing as the in-app back button provided that you just opened the music app and followed the exact same steps. But if from the now playing screen, you open the android market to look at the new releases or free song of the day you can navigate back to the music app by pressing the back button. If you press the in-app back button in the market it will only take you to the market's main screen.
  • In the second example, pressing the software back button once will take you back to the album and pressing it again will take you back to the search entry field

I know it sounds confusing, but once you familiarize yourself with the difference it will make sense. In summary the in app back button allows you to navigate within the confines of the app while the main software back button will take you through all the links in the chain (so to speak) that brought you to where you currently are.
Your tips/tricks does not has to be long, just bring up something cool you know about Ice Cream Sandwich :)
P.S. if the trolls do come out to play, please oh please do not feed them! P.P.S Also, don't respond to trolls by being a troll...