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Eye3 hexacopter does aerial photography for $999

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The Eye3 is a flying camera platform project on Kickstarter with six rotors for fail-safe operation and 12lbs of carrying capacity. Prices range from $999 for the base model to $2,499 for a pro model with included transmitter and receiver, autopilot and more.

Eye3 Kickstarter flying camera platform
Eye3 Kickstarter flying camera platform

The Eye3 is a robotic hexacopter kit designed by a husband-and-wife team to be used as an aerial photography platform — you provide the camera equipment. It's made of carbon and glass fiber with six 350-watt motors for a combined thrust of up to 24lbs on a 4.3lb chassis, allowing you to attach 12lbs of camera equipment. The extra rotors over the mundane (by comparison) quadracopter allow you to safely land even if two of them fail.

The $999 base model includes auto-stabilization and runs on APM 2.0, an open source flight-control platform. But if you're willing to part with more cash, an advanced $1,499 model includes autopilot and waypoint navigation programs backed up by GPS, a magetometer, and Google Maps. A $2,499 Pro version adds a 14-channel Futaba transmitter and receiver set, an extra set of LiPo batteries, and a charging station. You can go to Kickstarter now for more details or to pledge to the project, which has already reached its goal of $25,000 twice over with 30 days still to go. If you pledge enough, the team expects to ship your chopper in April.