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Kindle Fire Hotmail app now available

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Microsoft has released a Hotmail app to the Amazon Marketplace, with updates specifically for the Kindle Fire. The app uses Exchange Active Sync to download contacts as well as mail.

fire apps
fire apps

There's still no sign of a Gmail app for the Kindle Fire, so here's your consolation prize — Microsoft has released a free Hotmail app to the Amazon Appstore. While a Hotmail app for Android is nothing new, with over 3 million users, Microsoft says it's tweaked the app for a smooth Fire experience. It's also claiming advantages over the native POP3 email client, with Exchange Active Sync grabbing contacts and folders with your mail. The move makes sense — the Kindle Fire's native mail client doesn't support Exchange Active Sync in the same way that 12 million users enjoy on iOS, so a dedicated app could provide a much better experience for those on Hotmail.