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Razorfish's 5D Retail Experience Platform is a love letter to Microsoft technology

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Razorfish has demonstrated its vision for the future of fashion retailing, and it involves leveraging various Microsoft products such as Kinect and Surface into a synergistic whole.

kinect clothing
kinect clothing

Microsoft sold Razorfish a while back, but it seems the marketing agency just can't quit Redmond. That's the message we're getting from the 5D Retail Experience Platform concept it's showing off, which ties various Microsoft products together to provide a vision of a connected fashion shopping utopia. Trying clothes on with Kinect, browsing giant catalogs on Surface, transferring items to a Windows Phone via Microsoft Tags's all here. The project runs on the Windows Embedded platform, connecting personal devices like tablets and smartphones with technology in the retail environment such as kiosks. While none of the technology demonstrated is particularly new, the video shows how existing devices could be theoretically used together in some really cool ways. The next step would be convincing retailers to get on board.