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Samsung details Galaxy Note innards, gives iFixit the day off

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Samsung has posted a teardown of its Galaxy Note on the company's global blog, offering a peek at the innards of its latest Android device.

Samsung Galaxy Note Teardown
Samsung Galaxy Note Teardown

It's not all that often that manufacturers provide teardowns of their latest gadgets, but Samsung has proven to be a bit of an exception. Having previously dissected both the Galaxy S II and Smart TV, the company has now opened up its Galaxy Note phone / tablet hybrid for all to see. Though not quite as comprehensive as findings we've come to expect from the likes of iFixit, Samsung's overview provides a decent enough glimpse at the internal bits.

Before jumping into the actual device, Samsung focuses on its companion: the S Pen stylus, boasting of pressure sensitivity which mimics writing with a regular pen. The Note carries a built-in digitizer for tracking location and applied pressure from the Wacom-powered accessory, and we found its accuracy to be excellent in our review — lackluster handwriting recognition notwithstanding. Digging into the hardware, behind the 5.29-inch pentile Super AMOLED display we find a circuit board that Samsung claims houses over 1,000 individual parts. The front half features a front-facing camera module, Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / GPS / NFC modules, and the standard bevy of sensors we've come to expect. Around back is the speedy dual-core 1.5GHz processor, flash storage, and an 8-megapixel rear shooter. This is also, according to Samsung, where the LTE modem will be located on the upcoming AT&T model.

It's worth noting that the Galaxy Note continues the trend of placing the NFC antenna on the rear cover, posing a challenge for third party battery manufacturers. Considering the impressive longevity we've seen thus far, that shouldn't be such a hard pill to swallow. We've just skimmed the surface here, so follow the source link for all the minute details you're after.