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Nokia Lumia 900 to sell for $99.99 on AT&T?

Nokia Lumia 900 to sell for $99.99 on AT&T?


A rumor on BGR today suggests that Nokia's Lumia 900 could launch on AT&T for under $100.

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BGR is citing a "trusted source" today as saying that AT&T and Nokia plan to retail the upcoming Lumia 900 for $99.99 on contract, a number that puts it right in the thick of the carrier's typical midrange lineup. It's an aggressive price, and we might have expected $150 or even $200 on day one — granted, many of Windows Phone's specs now lag the best that Android and Apple have to offer (processor performance and screen resolution, to name a couple), but the Lumia 900 is clearly Nokia's high-end play in the near term and features LTE support to show for it.

Also appearing again is the rumored March 18th launch date, something we've heard before. BGR's tipster notes that the Lumia apparently hasn't yet been granted terminal acceptance, though — a key checkpoint before a carrier will take a handset to retail — so the date could slip if that acceptance doesn't go through as planned. Does the Lumia 900 become more appealing at a sub-$100 price point?