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Pandav relaunches multi-city mass transit apps for iOS and Android under new Embark brand

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Embark, formerly known as Pandav, has relaunched its suite of multi-city mass transit apps for iOS and Android.

Embark NYC iOS app
Embark NYC iOS app

There's no shortage of apps for both iOS and Android that contain mass transit schedules and directions, though the user experience can vary wildly — particularly when you delve down into free offerings. Pandav, which today officially relaunched under a new Embark moniker, develops some of the better transit-oriented applications we've seen. Embark's apps cover the gamut of popular city-specific transport systems, including NYC's Mass Transit Authority, San Francisco's BART, and Washington DC's Metro system. Each of these is available for both leading mobile platforms, while Apple handset owners have access to additional releases that cover Chicago, Long Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and London transit options. While features vary between each individual app, they all contain core functionality that includes offline route planning, service advisories, and schedule information. Even better: the entire suite costs nothing. It's hard to argue with free.