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Enyo cross-platform apps: hands-on with Flash Cards and Paper Mache on iOS and Android

Enyo cross-platform apps: hands-on with Flash Cards and Paper Mache on iOS and Android


Enyo cross-platform apps have just been released and we take a look at FlashCards on an ipad and PaperMache on the Android 4.0 Transformer Prime.

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HP had to kick off its Open webOS 1.0 and Enyo 2.0 announcement with some app examples, right? Two popular webOS developers have just released cross platform versions of their Enyo apps, and they are the only proof you need that these apps are ready to spread their wings beyond the webOS coop.

First up is Ryan Watkin's Paper Mache. The free Instapaper client is now available in the Android Market (although, you need a paid Instapaper account), and while it's got the pane layout that we've loved on other TouchPad (or webOS 3.0) apps, it is sluggish. I tried it out on the quad-core Tegra 3, Android 4.0 Transformer Prime, and scrolling was slower than I remembered it being on the dual-core TouchPad. For what it's worth, that scrolling issue is already being addressed; the description of the app in the Android Market promises a fix in a 1.0 release.

However, James Harris' Flashcards shows a lot more promise on the performance front. Unlike Paper Mache, it isn't available for Android yet, but you can access it through the Chrome webstore, Safari, and there's also a Windows 7 app. Navigating the Safari app on the iPad 2 was quite smooth, with the panes sliding with less stutter than in the aforementioned app. There was a hiccup or two when the cards rotated, but overall it's a smooth and easy to navigate interface. The official iPad app is on the way, but you can try all those other versions out right now.

Overall, I'd say the more apps we start to see with the pane styling the better — especially on Android tablets where there's been a serious lack of HD screen-optimized apps — but I just hope the performance issues are sorted out before they start to be released.