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Netflix regains subscribers in Q4: 24.4 million strong, up 5 million over 2010

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Netflix had a total Q4 revenue of $876 million, and has begun adding subscribers again after seeing a drop in Q3.


Netflix has released its Q4 earnings report, and the news is good for the company — it's brought in $876 million in revenue, continuing its steady climb from the past few quarters. Domestic streaming in particular grew quickly, with 21.67 million streaming subscribers in the US despite the loss of content from Starz. Meanwhile, Netflix is still shifting customers off DVD — a price increase last year led many customers to move to streaming-only plans.

Perhaps most significantly, the company looks to have overcome the antipathy it generated with the price hike and short-lived decision to spin off its DVD rental business into a service known as "Qwikster." After seeing a loss of 800,000 US subscribers in the third quarter, Netflix seems to be regaining popularity, adding 610,000 new domestic members in Q4. That's not enough to get the subscriber count back up to where it was in mid-2011, but it's still a 25 percent increase over 2010.