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Motorola adds iPhone 4S and iCloud to Apple patent litigation

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iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S

The ongoing patent dispute between Motorola Mobility and Apple has become almost as heated as the battle raging between Apple and Samsung. Motorola added to the mix by filing a new patent case against Apple yesterday in Florida federal court, accusing Apple of infringing six patents with its iPhone 4S product and iCloud service.

While this particular case may be new, the substance of the accusations really aren't. MMI already has a case pending against Apple, in Florida, where it has asserted each of these six patents. The difference is that the pending case didn't include infringement allegations against the iPhone 4S or iCloud — they didn't exist at the time that case was filed. And considering that the existing suit is expected to go to trial in the next several months, it was simply too late for Motorola to add on there. It's also mildly interesting that under the terms of Google's acquisition agreement with Motorola Mobility, the filing of a new patent action like this by Motorola required Google's approval. However, that approval was likely just a formality — you might think of it as Google simply getting out of the way, rather than directing traffic.

So, all in all, it's unlikely yesterday's filing will do much to change the course of the fight between Apple and Motorola, but we'll keep a close eye on it — just in case.