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Galaxy Note S Pen makes sense for larger screens, says Samsung

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Samsung's director of product marketing has expressed interest in bringing the Galaxy Note's S Pen stylus to larger screens, in an interview with Laptop Magazine.

galaxy note s pen
galaxy note s pen

Could the Galaxy Note's S Pen stylus be coming to other Samsung products in the future? That's the proposition hypothesized by Ryan Bidan, Samsung's product marketing manager, in an interview with Laptop. He thinks that the stylus "continues to make a lot of sense across a number of screen sizes, like the larger is more obvious of those," before going on to say "that’s about as specific as I can be without announcing a product." That would certainly seem to suggest that Samsung is considering the S Pen for future models of its Galaxy Tab, though we suppose he could also be talking about Windows 8 devices. We didn't find much use for the S Pen in our Galaxy Note review, but it's possible that the experience could be improved with better support and a larger tablet screen.

Bidan had more on his mind than just stylus support, however, kicking off the interview by explaining how the company views the Kindle Fire as a potential source of new customers. How so? "What I see happening is consumers wanting to do more with those lower-end tablets," says Bidan, "and then there will be even more reason to switch up to Samsung." You can read the full interview at the source link below.