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MOD Live HUD will soon work with head-mounted cameras, iPhone 4S

MOD Live HUD will soon work with head-mounted cameras, iPhone 4S


Recon Instruments has announced a new app that will connect its goggle-based MOD Live display for skiiers and snowboarders to a head-mounted camera. iPhone 4S compatibility will also be offered by next winter.

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Recon Instruments, which makes the MOD Live heads-up display for skiiers and snowboarders, has just announced a partnership with head-mounted camera maker Contour. MOD Live is a small, Android-powered device that fits inside a set of Recon goggles, projecting a 14-inch virtual display that shows altitude, location, and other statistics. With this partnership, a new camera app connects the Recon display to Contour+ and ContourGPS cameras via Bluetooth, letting the user set up shots and start or stop recording through the goggles.

Starting in late 2012 or early 2013, iPhone owners will also be able to take full advantage of MOD Live, which currently lets Android phones show missed calls or play music through Recon's goggles. The system will be compatible with the iPhone 4S and any upcoming versions, although we're not sure when exactly this feature will be rolled out. Maybe iPhone users can use the time to start saving up the $399.99 it costs to buy a MOD Live display — and that's not even counting the actual goggles.