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'Snake '97' for Windows Phone 7.5 brings classic Nokia gaming to modern Lumia handsets

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A remake of arguably the best late 90s cellphone game, Snake 97 includes not only the original screen design but also the surrounding Nokia 5000-series faceplate so you can use the 2,4, 6, and 8 keys.

Snake on Windows Phone HTC Titan
Snake on Windows Phone HTC Titan

It wasn't the first by about two decades, but to most, the one true version of Snake was found on late-90s Nokia cellphones. One Amsterdam-based developer decided to try and recreate that magic — the result of which is Snake '97 for Windows Phone 7.5. The "homage" includes not only the tiny, monochrome dot-matrix display but also the surrounding 5000-series faceplate so you can use the 2, 4, 6, and 8 keys to grow your virtually harmless reptile one nondescript food item at a time.

The original sounds and the nine original (plus two extra) difficulty levels are there and the high score again can't be reset. The price is $0.99, which is an absolute steal for what you're getting, but those still unconvinced can download the free trial that works up to 250 points. Nokia Lumia owners can get a real kick out of the juxtaposition between its on-screen legacy on modern hardware, but the app works on any Mango, including our HTC Titan. Seriously, if you have a Windows Phone 7.5 device, why are you still reading? Go download now. You're welcome.

Update: It also came out earlier this month to Android devices (free but ad supported), and late last year for iPhone and iPad (free trial and paid) — neither of which will, unfortunately, let you enjoy the irony of playing on modern Nokia devices.