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Netflix bows to Warner Brothers, creates four week delay before allowing new releases in your queue

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Netflix has entered into an agreement with Warner Brothers that will require customers to wait 28 days after a new film's retail release to add it to their rental queue

Netflix Warner Bros Queue Delay
Netflix Warner Bros Queue Delay

Earlier this month, Warner Brothers negotiated a new agreement with Netflix, Redbox, and Blockbuster that prevents customers from renting new titles until 56 days after physical copies hit retail. Now it has been revealed that Netflix subscribers are facing a unique restriction: a waiting period for queue additions. Previously, upcoming WB films could be added to your Netflix list so that they'd be sent out once available. Unfortunately, now you'll have to wait 28 days after release even for that privilege. Presumably WB's thinking is that consumers will grow so impatient seeing their favorite films on store shelves (and not in their trusted Netflix queue) that they'll eventually crack and make a purchase. While it may be shortsighted logic, there's little doubt that the studio sees greater returns through DVD and Blu-ray sales than from the residuals it collects from basement-priced rental services and streaming apps. For its part, Netflix seems to be doing just fine at the moment, though it remains to be seen what sort of impact these lengthy delays may have.