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What Chinese readers think of Apple and Foxconn

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The New York TImes' article on labor practices at Foxconn's factories that produce Apple products was also published in Chinese, and the newspaper has translated and shared a selection of comments.


The New York Times has posted a couple of articles recently that have gained a lot of traction: Sunday's exploration of why American companies such as Apple choose to outsource to China, and yesterday's more in-depth investigation into labor practices at Foxconn's Chinese factories that manufacture products such as the iPad. The latter article was also published in Chinese in the business daily Caixin, and the Times has provided a translated selection of readers' comments from the article and on the social networking site Sina Weibo. The comments make for a compelling mix of anger, sorrow, and resignation. This is a great move by the Times, providing more insight into a complicated situation by letting us hear local perspectives.