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YouTube refreshes Video Editor, Video Manager, and Browse

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YouTube has rolled out a handful of tweaks to three of its popular features today.

YouTube Video Editor
YouTube Video Editor

YouTube has updated and visually refreshed a few features today — and these tweaks should appeal to consumers and creators of video alike. First up, Browse has been freshened to allow direct access to more categories and channels of video which can be subscribed to right from the page. That's really the extend of the end user-facing changes; on the creation side, Video Editor has gotten a full-on "visual overhaul" with easier clip trimming and a new timeline. It's not going to replace Premiere — or even iMovie, in all likelihood — but it'll be a great way to handle some quick and dirty edits right from the web. Finally, Video Manager also gets a visual refresh along with search history and the restoration of a couple popular features that had previously disappeared: like / dislike stats and sorting of your videos by popularity. The Browse and Video Editor changes are available immediately; the revised Video Manager will be rolling out "over the next few days."