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Clear for iOS manages your to-do list with a minimalist, gesture-based interface

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Realmac Software's Clear app goes the minimalist route for tracking tasks on your iOS device. A preview video for the app shows off the app's gesture-based interface for quickly managing your to-do list.

clear app
clear app

Realmac Software — who you may know from Rapidweaver or Littlesnapper — previewed its upcoming to-do list app for iOS. Called Clear, it's about as minimalist as you can get, and seems to lack the usual task manager visual bric-a-brac, instead opting for an interesting set of gestures for navigation. Pinching out adds a new task, pressing and dragging an item rearranges it, swiping left deletes it, pinching out pulls you back to view your different lists, and swiping right on a task completes it. It's all very clean and should look great next to your macchiato, but we're really hoping Clear bucks the trend and syncs with Google Tasks, your iOS reminders, or some sort of cloud service and isn't just another pretty task manager.