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Olympus is top mirrorless camera maker in Japan while Apple leads in smartphones, says BCN

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BCN Ranking's annual awards for Japanese marketshare have revealed that Olympus is the number one mirrorless camera manufacturer in the country. Apple is the number one smartphone manufacturer, while Sharp sells the most LCD TVs.

olympus pen
olympus pen

Every year Japanese IT research firm BCN publishes its awards for the nation's technology marketshare, in categories as diverse as card readers and camera tripods. Among the revelations this time around is that Olympus, despite its various internal problems, has come from third place to take Panasonic's crown at the top of the mirrorless camera market, jumping from 29.1 percent to a 36.6 percent share. Panasonic was pushed down to second with 29.3 percent, and Sony is now in third place with 27.3 percent. While Sony can likely point to the havoc wreaked by the tragic flooding in Thailand as a reason for its decline, Olympus must be relieved to have something to smile about — it puts the company in a stronger-than-expected position heading into 2012. While this data doesn't necessarily reflect leadership on a global scale, it is intriguing to see Japanese preferences for their home-grown camera technologies.

Other information gleaned from the awards includes a more predictable DSLR market, with Canon holding top place with 46.3 percent, Nikon close behind at 39.2 percent, and Pentax the number one straggler with 7.5 percent. Apple beat out Sharp and Sony to take the top smartphone spot with 27.1 percent, and also cornered 63.6 percent of the tablet market. The most popular LCD TV manufacturer in Japan is Sharp, accounting for 36.6 percent of sets under 40 inches and 48.1 percent of larger models.