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US airman in Afghanistan couldn't download 'Bastion,' so Supergiant made him a DVD copy

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Bastion developer Supergiant sends a surprise to a US Airman deployed in Afghanistan.

Bastion art
Bastion art

Richard (a.k.a. "bolivar-shagnasty"), a Reddit user and a US airman deployed in Afghanistan, just wanted to unwind by playing some Bastion on his PC, but his internet connection was so terrible that he couldn't even connect to Steam to download the game. So in a last ditch effort he sent an email to Supergiant, creator of Bastion, to see if it had any plans to release a physical version of the game. He then got a response from creative director Greg Kasavin who said that the studio didn't plan on releasing a physical copy — but instead of leaving it at that, the company created a physical version of the game, and sent it overseas with a Bastion bandanna.

As Kasavin tells Joystiq, the company routinely gets emails from fans, but that this request was unique — Richard is the first person who wanted to play the game but couldn't due to lack of internet. So Supergiant went out and bought some DVD-Rs and burned a copy of the game's installer on a disc, free of charge. As Richard explains in his Reddit post, "all [Kasavin] asks for in return is for me to get a copy on Steam when I come home." After all, what's $14.99 when you've already got a priceless, one-of-a-kind DVD edition?