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PlayStation Vita launch bundle includes 3G system, 8GB card, and a PSN game for $299

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Sony has announced that it'll offer a Launch Day bundle for the PlayStation Vita 3G + Wi-Fi. It'll include a 8GB memory card, a PSN game, and a 250MB AT&T voucher. It'll cost $299.99 and will only be available as part of the first shipment of devices to North America.

PS Vita Launch Day bundle press
PS Vita Launch Day bundle press

Sony is looking to get people excited for the upcoming launch of the PlayStation Vita. We've already heard about the special pre-order First Edition that's shipping out to early adopters a week before the February 22nd North American release date, but now the company has announced that it's going to have a special SKU for those who can wait for the official launch date to get the next-generation portable. The Launch Day bundle includes the 3G + Wi-Fi Vita, a 8GB proprietary memory card, a PSN game (of unknown type), and an auto-renewing 250MB AT&T DataConnect Pass good for a month. The bundle will cost you $299 — technically 99 cents less than the barebones 3G Vita. Sony says you may not even need to wait in line — so long as it remains in stock you should be able to pick up this bundle a day or two after launch.

We see that it's available to pre-order now on Amazon, and at least that retailer says that anyone who's already pre-ordered the plain 3G verison (rather than the First Edition SKU) has been automatically upgraded to the Launch Day bundle. Oh, and if you prefer to go the First Edition route (which costs $50 more), it turns out that you're going to get one of those AT&T passes as well to go along with your 4GB memory card, copy of Little Deviants, and "exclusive" case. If you're still mulling over whether to get the 3G version or not, you should check out how much AT&T's data plans are going to cost you, keeping in mind that the 3G system will be carrier-locked.