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Samsung's next-gen Galaxy Tab headed to MWC with 2GHz processor, 2560 x 1600 screen?

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A rumor at Android and Me claims that Samsung will announce a 2GHz tablet with a 2560 x 1600 resolution screen at MWC.

Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 for Verizon hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 for Verizon hands-on pictures

Now that Samsung sells slates in nearly every screen size imaginable — 4.65, 5.3, 7.0, 7.7, 8.9 and 10.1-inches across — what's the next frontier? A rumor at Android and Me (perhaps corroborating an earlier rumor at BGR) claims that the company will double-down on pixels, pushing out an even larger tablet with a giant 2560 x 1600 (WXQGA) resolution screen and a 2GHz Exynos 5250 chip powering Android 4.0, which it will allegedly announce at Mobile World Congress next month in place of the supposed Galaxy S III smartphone.

Interestingly, the publication's Taylor Wimberly isn't citing any anonymous insiders, but rather his own eyes at CES: apparently, he actually saw this tablet in person, but wasn't allowed to take pictures and had to piece together the other details. While we're a little skeptical of the high resolution on what BGR claims is a 11.6-inch screen — and wonder if their sources might be mistaking the maximum resolution the Exynos chip supports (2560 x 1600) for the actual resolution on offer — we'd absolutely love to try a tablet with the additional pixel density. Perhaps with an S Pen.

Oh, and speaking of that Galaxy S III, SlashGear discovered a brand-new reference to a "GT-i9300" in Samsung's online support system. While it's not certain to be the aformentioned phone, it stands to reason given Samsung's numbering scheme: the GT-i9020 was a Nexus S, the GT-i9100 was a Galaxy S II, and the GT-i9250 is one flavor of the Galaxy Nexus. Good company to be in.