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Jimmy Fallon's record broken: 13 game consoles played in sixty seconds

Jimmy Fallon's record broken: 13 game consoles played in sixty seconds


An Ohio gamer named Ryan Sullivan has broken the record for the number of games played in 60 seconds. Hey played on 13 consoles in that time period, breaking Jimmy Fallon's previous record of nine games.

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Gaming world record
Gaming world record

If there's one one thing about world records, it's that they're made to be broken. This time it looks like Jimmy Fallon's record of nine different consoles played in 60 seconds has bitten the dust. Ryan Sullivan of Columbus, Ohio bested Fallon by playing 13 different consoles in that time frame.

It might seem like a silly accomplishment, but the record-takers have plenty of rules. Record-keeping site RecordSetter says that in order for the attempt to count you must make forward progress in each game and you may not use a console twice. You can take a look at the videos of both Fallon's and Sullivan's attempts and a list of the games and consoles used to break the world record below.

SNES: Super Mario World
Wii: Wii Sports Resort (100 Pin Bowling)
Xbox 360: Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition
Gamecube: Super Smash Bros. Melee
NES: Legend of Zelda
Dreamcast: Crazy Taxi
PlayStation: Gex
Genesis: Sonic The Hedgehog
Xbox: Halo 2
PS2: Namco Museum 50th Anniversary (Rolling Thunder)
Sega Saturn: Revolution X
PS3: Tekken 6
Atari 2600: Missile Command