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Milkshake does music visualization with WebGL

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A mashup of WebGL technologies and a classic music visualizer, MilkDrop, has been released under an open source license.

MilkShake Music Visualizer
MilkShake Music Visualizer

One of the great hopes for a web app future is WebGL, a software library that can enable immersive, 3D graphics directly in a web browser and work across multiple platforms. That hope has been mostly unfulfilled, however, due to sparse support on devices and a relative dearth of apps that take advantage of it, Chrome Experiments notwithstanding. A new programming mashup from Mike Gattis, a co-founder at Hunch, gives us a glimpse of what WebGL apps can be capable of. It connects up SoundCloud music with the MilkDrop music visualizer (which gained well-deserved popularity on WinAmp). The result is a phantasmagoric music show that doesn't really beat the visualizers on modern-day, native MP3 apps but at least shows that WebGL is inching closer to becoming a viable replacement for more native graphics APIs. Gattis intends to offer support for other music services and local uploads in the future. The best part is that if listening to a music mashup while watching this programming mashup isn't mashed-up enough for you, Gattis has released the full codebase under the GNU Lesser General Public License for you to make further mashups of your very own.