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Mad Catz Cyborg MMO 7 mouse now on sale for $129.99, pre-orders begin for Freq 5 headset

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Mad Catz' Cyborg MMO 7 gaming mouse, with up to 78 programmable commands, is now on sale for $129.99, and the angular Freq 5 headset is available for pre-order for $149.99.

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If you're looking to bring some rakish new gaming peripherals into your life, now could be the time: Mad Catz is now taking orders for the Cyborg MMO 7 gaming mouse and Freq 5 headset (pictured) at its online store. Unfortunately, they're rather pricy, at $129.99 for the mouse and $149.99 for the headset, but the company claims you'll get what you pay for. Both the headset and mouse certainly felt like comfortable, quality products when we tried them at CES this year, and the MMO 7 in particular caught our eye. Not only does it have the heavily customizable metal chassis and large tactile scroll wheels of the company's beloved Rat line, but also a host of additional buttons, rockers and switches for 78 programmable functions in all. Find more details at our source link: the MMO 7 is now in stock, whereas the Freq 5 is up for pre-orders now. We'd previously heard the headset would ship this spring.