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Nook Tablet hack allows rooting from an SD card

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Developers have figured out a simple way to root the Nook Tablet using only an SD card.

nook tablet nook color
nook tablet nook color

Though it's long been possible to root the Nook Tablet, it's always been a pretty (even crazily) complicated process to do so — or at least it was, until xda-developers user Indirect found a better way. Indirect's solution lets you root the Nook Tablet simply by writing a few files to an SD card, inserting it into the device, and rebooting the tablet. It works on versions up to 1.4.1 of the Nook Tablet's software, and effectively turns it into a full-fledged Android tablet, complete with Google apps and the Android Market. It's essentially the same process used to root the Nook Color (which became a developer favorite because it was so simple to hack), though the Nook Tablet's locked bootloaders no doubt made this a much harder task for the developers. It's still an early version of the hack, but we're hoping to start seeing custom ROMs for the Nook Tablet like we've seen for the Nook Color — CyanogenMod 9, anyone?