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New MicroOLED viewfinder aims to blur the line between OVF and EVF

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French company MicroOLED launched a new electronic viewfinder this week, which could bring the image quality of EVFs closer to an optical viewfinder.


Electronic viewfinders have some advantages, but they've always lagged behind optical viewfinders in sheer image quality — it's the difference between looking at a picture on a TV, and looking through a window. French company MicroOLED thinks it can narrow that gap: the company launched an OLED microdisplay this week, with 5.4 megapixels crammed into a tiny 0.61-inch display. The huge megapixel numbers come in the monochrome version of the display, but there's also a full-color (16 million of them, to be exact), 1,280 x 1,024 version — that's only 1.3 megapixels, but it's still a lot sharper than the OLED viewfinders we've tried and liked on cameras like the Sony NEX-7. The tiny new display is incredibly high-contrast, which makes a big difference in the dynamic range you see as you frame your shot; it's also quite power-efficient. Only problem is, you won't be seeing it in your DSLR anytime soon: MicroOLED says the new viewfinder is being marketing to surgeons (as a heads-up display), the military and others in need of night vision, and professional-level cameras.