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'Doctor Who' montage recaps every story since 1963

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A video highlighting every 'Doctor Who' story (not individual episodes) from 1963 to the present.

Destiny of the Daleks
Destiny of the Daleks

As Doctor Who has taught us, time isn't linear. And so it's quite appropriate that trying to chronicle the series from its 1963 premiere to its 2011 Christmas special is not simply a matter of starting from episode one and counting up. Whovian superfan Stuart Humphryes (aka BabelColour) has released an updated version of his 2008 montage, which highlights every Doctor Who story (including the various spinoffs and alt-media cameos) with available footage. That's 226 in all, though there's some discrepancy between what constitutes a multi-episode story arc — particularly with the modern series where nothing was explicitly labeled "Part 1 and 2" — but don't let fan debates get in the way of an impressive and fun sub-10 minute tribute worth watching. 784 episodes... mostly intact... a couple dozen companions, eleven Doctors, and here's one video with all that: