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Clean up your social media permissions with one handy site

New, 13 comments aggregates the app permission pages for a number of popular sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

My Permissions
My Permissions

Even with the best privacy management systems, it's easy to forget what apps have access to your account information. Now, there's a site devoted to making it easier to check in on them. At, you can find direct links to the permission pages of eight major social networking and sharing sites, including Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. Creator Avi Charkham, who also runs family album site MyFamilio, hopes that the site will "help people start 2012 with clean privacy permissions."

Fittingly, you don't have to grant access to any of your services to use it — it's just a series of handy links to some of the most commonly-used social sites. There's a monthly reminder to check the page, courtesy of the If This Then That automation service, but the site's primary purpose is as an aggregator, and a way to make sure you're staying on top of who can see the information you're sharing online.