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Aerodyne PC case is perfect for playing your classic radio podcasts

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An Art Deco inspired PC based on the mini-ITX platform offers a mahogany veneer, aluminum accents, and decent specs. It may be offered in a small run to a few interested buyers.

aerodyne pc 600
aerodyne pc 600

Case modder Jeffrey Stephensen has just completed a PC case that would make your grandfather's radio pop a vacuum tube or two with envy. Built around a fanless mini-ITX case with an Intel Core i3, 256GB SSD, and 8 gigs of RAM, it's finished with a mahogany veneer and aluminum accents. It's a worthy followup to his previous work, which includes a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired PC and mod that would fit perfectly in the offices of Sterling Cooper. Stephensen has dubbed this new design "Aerodyne" and is considering making a small run of the art deco PC for interested parties. You can hit up the source links for the full making-of pictures, but if you're wondering what inspired this piece, we can only surmise that the Shadow knows.