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Retrode 2 gaming adapter serves up SNES and Genesis cartridges, controllers via USB

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The Retrode 2 gaming adapter assists in loading classic SNES or Genesis ROM images onto a gaming emulator on a PC or Mac.

Retrode 2 800
Retrode 2 800

Playing classic games on your PC or Mac has traditionally required four things: emulator software, ROMs (of perhaps dubious origin), button mapping to a keyboard or controller, and the subtle, sinking feeling that while you're going a little retro, you're not going retro enough. The latest iteration of the aptly-named Retrode aims to solve that by providing a hardware solution for hooking up SNES and Genesis cartridges and their associated controllers to your PC via USB.

The Retrode 2 simply acts as a mountable USB drive that provides direct access to the ROM images stored on your cartridges (including the save files, if available). You just need to open the flap, plug one in, load up your favorite emulator and point it directly at the USB drive's images. Classic controllers have a similarly easy setup — plug them in and map their buttons and you should be set. That's assuming, of course, that you still remember your harmonica blower technique for reviving dead cartridges.

The Retrode 2 ships January 23rd and costs $84.99; it should work equally well on PC or Mac.