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Wikipedia meets its fundraising target, pleas vanish for another year

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Wikipedia has completed its annual fundraising drive, reaching its target of $20 million.

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You've probably seen banners on Wikipedia pages over the past few months asking you to give financial support to the site, each a gentle reminder of how much the encylopedia has done for you and a nudge to pay something back. Now, the campaign has reached its $20 million fundraising target and so the banners have largely gone — until the end of this year at least. Just one remains: a thank you from the Wikimedia Foundation's Executive Director Sue Gardner on the site's homepage. In this message, she says that despite being the fifth most visited site globally, Wikipedia and its sister sites "operate on a tiny fraction of the resources of any other top site. We will use your money carefully and well, I promise you."

These resources include only 79 full-time staff, with almost half of the foundation's budget being put into development of the sites and software. With no commercial advertising, these annual fundraising drives are the only major source of revenue. And if you're missing the face of Wikimedia's developers already, then there's a Chrome extension just for you.