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Wilson Electronics' Sleek 4G-V boosts your Verizon LTE signal on the go

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WIlson Electronics has announced the follow up to the Sleek, the Sleek 4G-V, which can now also offer the same signal boosts to Verizon's LTE customers.

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In an attempt to beat the hubbub of the CES show floor, Wilson Electronics has announced the newest addition to its family a little early. The successor to the original Sleek, the new Sleek 4G-V is now capable of boosting Verizon's 700MHz LTE signal along with 800MHz and 1900MHz frequencies for 3G and 2G, all built into a car dock. This should prove handy for road warriors, but the company also offers an accessory kit to make it suitable for indoor use. Wilson says that the Sleek's antenna is 20 times as powerful as most handsets, and that the device can also be used with mobile hotspots.

The cradle mounts into your car, and uses a powered antenna mounted on the roof to provide better signal to your phone. The company says that this should also mean better battery life for your handset, since the LTE radio isn't pushing as hard to get signal. The Sleek 4G-V will be on show at CES, and is set for release in Q2 for $149.95.