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HTC Flyer Wi-Fi model finally updated to Honeycomb in the US

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The US model of the HTC Flyer is finally being updated to Android 3.2 Honeycomb, about one month after users in the UK received the update.

Honeycomb Flyer
Honeycomb Flyer

It's been almost a month since our friends across the pond were able to update their HTC Flyers to Android 3.2, but now those of us stateside can update to one version behind the cutting edge. HTC just confirmed that the Honeycomb update is rolling out to owners of the Wi-Fi-only Flyer. Android Central and xda-developers users have already gotten the Sense-infused software, but there's some reports of trouble — one poster claims that his touchscreen has gone completely unresponsive since updating (though it's possible this user had previously hacked his device in a way that made it incompatible with this update). Unfortunately, if you own the 3G version on T-Mobile and US Cellular, you'll have to keep waiting for now — HTC let us know this is for the Wi-Fi Flyer only.

Update: And it works! It took about 10 minutes between the download and the install process, and then we were able to start navigating the Honeycomb OS with the stylus. That's one of the major changes; you couldn't navigate around the operating system with the stylus with Android 2.3. For that reason alone, it seems like a worthy update, but we'll leave that decision up to you.