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ReaderDock N-Station: a docking station for the Nook Color and Tablet

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ReaderDock has announced the N-Station, a docking station for the Nook Tablet and Color. The station features built-in speakers and allows for USB charging while the device is in use.

nook n-station
nook n-station

Like the Nook Tablet's built-in hook, ReaderDock's N-Station should appeal to fans of versatility. The company is claiming the N-Station to be the "first and only" docking station with speakers for both the Nook Color and Tablet. The N-Station will position your Nook in various orientations, boost the sound via built-in speakers, and (perhaps most usefully) charge the device while you're using it. One of our major gripes with the Nook Tablet in our review was the need to charge via a proprietary USB cable, and the N-Station should provide a bit more flexibility in this regard. It'll ship in January for an as-yet unannounced price, and the company also promises a Kindle Fire model to come later.