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Vizio Rose Bowl ad shows off futuristic new computer design (update)

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Vizio may have given a sneak peek at a sleek new television in a Rose Bowl commercial.

Vizio 2012 Rose Bowl Commercial
Vizio 2012 Rose Bowl Commercial

Last year Rose Bowl sponsor Vizio teased its then-unannounced 8-inch Tablet in a commercial during the collegiate match-up. It appears to have pulled from the same playbook this year, with a spot in yesterday's game giving what could be our first look at one of the company's new televisions. The ad features Vizio Chief Technology Officer Matt McRae discussing how technology has changed the way we experience events like the Rose Bowl — culminating in a brief glimpse at a sleek display with a black bezel, shiny silver backing, and a thin, graceful neck. We'll have to wait until CES next week to see if the new display is a real product or merely a concept, but in the meantime, check out the spot itself below.

Update: It's a computer, not a television!