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Asus Transformer Prime's latest firmware already rooted

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The latest firmware update for the Transformer Prime has already been rooted by members of TeamAndIRC, though they aren't releasing it to the public until after the tablet is updated to Android 4.0.

Asus Transformer Prime updated firmware
Asus Transformer Prime updated firmware

The fun doesn't stop today for the Transformer Prime: we've seen Asus confirm the release date for Android 4.0, a new firmware update pushed out, and now the device has been rooted for the first time by xda-developers poster jcase and TeamAndIRC. There's video proof on YouTube showing the Transformer Prime running the latest firmware and accessing root-only apps like Superuser and Titanium Backup, but you'll have to be patient if you want to root your own tablet. The team behind this hack aren't planning on releasing it into the wild until after January 12th so that Asus can't block it when it pushes out Ice Cream Sandwich. Given the furor that surrounded the company when the Transformer Prime's locked bootloader was discovered, it wouldn't make a lot of sense to try to close up this hole — but it seems the hackers aren't even going to give Asus the chance.