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Samsung brings back vacuum tubes in new audio docks and HTIB systems

Samsung brings back vacuum tubes in new audio docks and HTIB systems


Samsung has announced two new audio docks (with iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Galaxy S connectivity) and three new home theater in-a-box systems. The higher-end dock and HTIB uses Samsung's proprietary vacuum tube amplifier technology.

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Samsung DA-E750 Audio Dock
Samsung DA-E750 Audio Dock

It looks like Samsung might be trying to spread things out a bit before the torrent of releases at CES 2012 next week. Today the company has announced two new audio docks and three home theater in-a-box systems. Both of the docks work with iOS and Galaxy S devices (apparently at least one Samsung division is willing to support the Galaxy S), with support for flash drives, Bluetooth audio, and AirPlay as well. The DA-E670 dock has 40W of power while the higher-end DA-E750 (above) has 100W of power and adds Samsung's new vacuum tube hybrid amplifier technology.

Samsung claims its vacuum tube setup offers "the best of both worlds," giving it the benefits of both digital and vacuum tube amplifiers. Samsung says that the system is of its own making, and is able to maintain the clarity of digital with the more natural sound of a vacuum tube. The company also says that the tech "offers an extra octave of sound without distortion." We'll have to see at CES if actual performance matches up to Samsung's lofty claims.

Samsung is bringing the vacuum tube hybrid to one of its new home theater systems as well. The 7.1-channel, six speaker HT-E6730W Blu-ray HTIB offers wireless rear satellite speakers in addition to the hybrid amplifier. Meanwhile, the HT-E5500W six-speaker 5.1-channel system offers Blu-ray playback and has an iPod dock. Like the HT-E6730W, it has Wi-Fi, and uses it to register eligible discs and give users digital copies in a new Disc to Digital feature that we hope to hear more about soon. Lastly, the HW-E550 surround sound bar offers 3D sound and has a trick up its sleeve — the bar can be split into two, giving you a more "traditional-looking" 2.1-channel system if you so choose. We don't have pricing or availability info on any of these products yet — but you can be sure that we'll let you know if we hear more next week.

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