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The Flaming Lips 'Now I Understand' featuring Apple's Siri on vocals

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Apple's Siri personal assistant is featured heavily on The Flaming Lips

Flaming Lips with Siri (no WM)
Flaming Lips with Siri (no WM)

Wayne Coyne and his group The Flaming Lips this weekend are previewing a "sound construction" piece that features not only Erykah Badu and "Biz Markie backwards" (we're struggling to hear it, too) but also Apple's own Siri personal assistant, found most days on an iPhone 4S helping people hide bodies. The loose narrative begins with Siri not understanding the moon, the stars, and the sun... but with the power of Erykah Badu's singing, and her pointing out stars and sun, Siri learns to understand. Not the deepest narrative, no, but more importantly it's an atmospheric and experimental lullaby available for one week only before Coyne and Co. take it offline. Enjoy:

[Thanks, Dave P]