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Facebook post gets over one million comments... from 107 people

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A group of Frontierville players claims to have been the first to hit the target of one million comments on a single Facebook post.

facebook comments
facebook comments

A post on Facebook is believed to have become the first to garner over a million comments, after 107 fans of the freemium Zynga game Frontierville joined together in a Guinness World Record attempt led by Cathy Matthews and Tracey Hodgson. Presumably bonding over their love for engaging in repetitive online activity with little reward, they collectively hit the 1,001,291 mark with an average of 9,358 posts each. Before you start considering Facebook a 21st century institution for free expression and the exchange of new ideas, it appears that a good deal of the comments simply consisted of Matthews typing the word "go" at high speed. "Once you get the rhythm, you can go pretty fast," she commented. The attempt has been submitted to Guinness for appraisal, but the team is yet to receive a response.