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Droid RAZR 'Developer Edition' to ship with unlockable bootloader for €499, US version in the works

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Motorola appears to be launching a Developer Edition of its Droid RAZR in Europe and the US, which will feature an unlockable bootloader.

droid razr
droid razr

Motorola hasn't historically played nice with the homebrew community, to say the least, but it's trying to make amends — albeit in its own unorthodox way. Announced via the company's community blog in a post that was swiftly taken down, the Droid RAZR Developer Edition doesn't appear to be anything more than a standard RAZR with an unlockable bootloader. Motorola says that offering the skinny smartphone in this model allows them to meet the needs of the development community as well as carrier restrictions, though companies like HTC seem curiously unbound by such limitations. The device will initially launch in Europe, with plans afoot to release a US version through the Motodev developer network. We're not sure that offering yet another RAZR SKU is the best way to curry favor with developers, but assuming this turns out to be official it'd be a step in that direction.

Update: It's now official and available for pre-order in Europe (priced at €499 without warranty) with the US version coming through MOTODEV "in the coming months."